The Award Concept

Good customer service is the keystone to a well-run business.? It is as vital to a large public company as it is to a panel-beater.

Brands such as Dulux, Kit Kat and the RACV have spent huge numbers of dollars over the decades to entice customers to favour their brand over others.? But ultimately, if a customer is not satisfied, no campaign will work, no matter how much money you throw at it.? This is because the customer remains king and this has a major influence on business success or failure.

Small and medium-sized businesses should also treat customer service as a serious part of their strategy because it is so often the deciding factor in winning new customers.? But limited resources makes it difficult to use customer service as a convincing marketing tool.? To simply make the claim “we serve you better” is more inclined to produce cynicism rather than new custom.

The Australian Achiever Awards were created to address this problem.? They encourage, recognise and promote excellence in customer service in small to medium-sized business.? The Award gives the businesses that truly provide good customer service a responsible and credible way to showcase this commitment.? With an overall score of 80% or more, a business can use the highly recognised and respected Australian Achiever logo in all their advertising and marketing campaigns.