Australian Achiever logo

The Australian Achiever Logo is a Registered Trademark

The logo each business is authorised to use is dated and must not be altered in any way without the prior permission of Australian Achiever P/L.

The logo represented here must not be used by any business other than Australian Achiever P/L. The appropriate logo authorised for each business achieving in these Awards can be requested by email as a Black & White and Coloured .jpeg. It is also available as an .eps for MacIntosh.

Australian Achiever Customer Service Logo

The Australian Achiever logo is Trademark protected. In order to guard it s reputation and effectiveness for all businesses using the logo, we reserve the right to withdraw authorisation of use of the logo by any business that alters the logo without permission, or demonstrates it no longer respects the principle of quality customer service

“Massage Masters School” are using an un-authorised Australian Achievers Award Logo on their website. This Office has requested them to remove it. This Notice is to alert the public that the business “Massage Masters School” is not entitled to use our logo as they have never entered our Awards under that name.