Australian Achiever Customer Service Awards Category Schedule

2020 Schedule

Automotive Industry Services 24-Jan-20 27-Feb-20
Transport, Delivery & Relocation Services & Supplies 24-Jan-20 27-Feb-20
Architect Services, Building Design, Building Construction & Interior Design Services 31-Jan-20 05-Mar-20
Cleaning & Maintenance Services & Supplies 31-Jan-20 05-Mar-20
Building Services & Supplies 07-Feb-20 11-Mar-20
Landscape, Nursery & Garden Services & Supplies 07-Feb-20 11-Mar-20
Building Repair, Restoration & Carpentry Services 07-Feb-20 11-Mar-20
Heating & Cooling Services & Supplies 07-Feb-20 11-Mar-20
Computer Systems, Software & Internet Services 21-Feb-20 02-Apr-20
Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Services 21-Feb-20 02-Apr-20
Employment, Training & Consultancy Services 21-Feb-20 02-Apr-20
Finance & Insurance Services 21-Feb-20 02-Apr-20
Security Industry Services & Supplies 13-Mar-20 30-Apr-20
Animal & Pet Services & Supplies 03-Apr-20 14-May-20
Retirement & Care Services 03-Apr-20 14-May-20
Childcare Services & Supplies 03-Apr-20 14-May-20
Real Estate Services 24-Apr-20 11-Jun-20
Restaurants 01-May-20 04-Jun-20
Bridal & Wedding Services & Supplies 01-May-20 04-Jun-20
Function, Conference, Event & Exhibition Services 01-May-20 04-Jun-20
Travel, Tourism & Accommodation Services 01-May-20 04-Jun-20
Beauty Services & Supplies 22-May-20 25-Jun-20
Hairdressing Services 22-May-20 25-Jun-20
Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Services 22-May-20 25-Jun-20
Optical Services & Supplies 22-May-20 25-Jun-20
Specialised Services & Supplies*** 25-Sep-20 within 6 to 8 weeks of entry.
National Winner announced 29-Oct-20
*** This category includes:
Car Panel Repair & Trim Services,
Concrete Services & Supplies,
Fashion & Clothing Services & Supplies,
Floor & Wall Services & Supplies,
Flower, Gift & Craft Services & Supplies,
Meat & Poultry Services & Supplies,
Office Services & Supplies,
Outdoor Structures Services & Supplies,
Pastry & Pasta Services & Supplies,
Pharmacy Services & Supplies, Baking,
Photographic Services,
Plumbing Services & Supplies,
Relocation, Removals & Storage Services,
Repair & Maintenance Service & Supplies,
Sign Industry Services & Supplies,
TV, Film, Audio & Video Services & Supplies.

Entry Open

Applicants may enter the awards at any time from the start of the year, however, a formal invitation to enter will be sent to past?entrants around five weeks before the entry closure date.


Judging will commence?and customer references will be contacted in the two weeks following the category entry close date unless otherwise stated.

*Category Conditions

A category?must have a minimum?of three entrants for it to run.
If there are fewer than three entrants in a category, entries are still administered and judging undertaken.? You will still receive your results notification and achieve a Highly Recommended status (if you achieve over 80%), or a State Winner status (if you achieve over 98%). Your results?will then also be entered into our Australian Specialised Services & Supplies category.? A National Winner will be awarded from this category at the end of the year.