The Awards Program


  • We run a separate business category every week for every State and Territory in Australia.
  • Our measurement is based solely on customer service issues.
  • We award a Highly Recommended status to all businesses which achieve an 80% plus score as well as benchmark feedback scores on their separate results which cover Timeliness, Attitude, Client Needs, Communication, Value, Care, Overall Perception, Strengths/Weaknesses and Referral.
  • The highest scorer in each category is given a ‘Winner’ status.
  • When a category is run nationally, the highest scores in each state (when achieving over 90%) will also receive a ‘Winner’ status.
  • Those businesses which score less than 80% customer satisfaction still receive an assessment on how they scored across the customer service classifications to help them make improvements to their service levels.
  • A benefit is the promotional opportunity the award provides.
  • The Awards are open to any business in Australia – Metro & Regional. Any business can enter at any time. Results are given within 3 weeks.
  • Entry in 2020 costs $275 + GST.
  • Normally we telephone interview 3-4 customers and one trade supplier although a business may request us to talk to more (up to 10 customers at no additional cost). History shows that for the businesses who have entered every year over the last thirteen years, there is a significant consistency of results.
  • We provide a customer service benchmark for very little effort on your part.

How does it work?

The Awards are based entirely on Customer Service ratings which are scored on feedback from your own customers. All you have to do is provide:

  • Names and contact numbers for four customers and a trade reference; and
  • Payment of the administration fee.

What happens next?

Our staff phone your customers and take them through a five minute, confidential, survey.

This survey covers such areas as:

  • Overall Perception
  • Timeliness
  • Communication
  • Understanding of customer needs
  • Friendliness, Politeness
  • Care and Attention
  • Presentation / Cleanliness
  • Value
  • Strengths
  • Areas needing improvement
  • Referral
  • Ethics

Customers are asked to rate their answers to each question and a percentage score is given to the total.

It’s simple

Entry is quick and simple. There are no hidden costs with no complicated criteria, such as confidential Financials, Business Plans or size and number of employees, as we believe they are irrelevant to the way a business approaches their customer service philosophy.

If your business doesn’t fit into one of these categories, you are able to enter the overall Australian Services & Supplies section.

We are different from other Awards

Our survey normally takes approximately five minutes to complete so does not encroach on your customers’ valuable time.

Over 45oo individual small to medium size businesses have entered this Award over the last 13 years with a great many entering again and again because of the ongoing benefits it provides.

We are independent of any affiliation with Government bodies, Business Associations or any other Corporate body. This Award is not restricted to a single industry and, as a result, imparts a far greater cumulative awareness and ‘branding’ effect.

We have:

  • No team of judges;
  • No written submission;
  • No mystery shopper;
  • No voting system; and
  • No obligatory Awards Dinner to learn your results.

We are a low cost, arms length, customer friendly organisation.

Competitive advantage comes from these benefits

Each of our Winners is presented with a Winner certificate and digital winner logo. A stylish trophy is also awarded to the National Winner of each category.

All Achievers scoring over 80% customer satisfaction are given a Highly Recommended Certificate and a digital highly recommended logo.

All entrants receive a breakdown of their score, showing them how they rated across each of the seven different customer service values.

Promote your business with The Australian Achiever Awards logo (dated for the specific year of achievement). This endorsement illustrates dedication to quality customer service and distinguishes your business from competitors.

The Australian Achiever logo is a Registered Trademark

The Australian Achiever logo is Trademark protected. In order to guard its reputation and effectiveness for all businesses using the logo, we reserve the right to withdraw authorisation of use of the logo by any business that alters the logo without permission, or demonstrates it no longer respects the principle of quality customer service

The logo each business is authorised to use is dated and must not be altered in any way without the prior permission of Australian Achiever P/L